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Uncle Monkey Media

Everyone has a podcast, but are they any good?



Taking your companies mission and turning it into viable content


Learn how to convey your message to listeners that will keep them coming back 


Make your content sound professional with high-quality recordings and ads


Tips and Tricks to provide you with all the tools to sustain your podcast long after your launch


Why Uncle Monkey?

This is Liam, the founder's nephew, and he refers to his uncle as "Uncle Monkey". Liam suffers from Allan-Herndon-Dudley syndrome. AHDS is a rare disorder of brain development that causes moderate to severe intellectual disability and problems with movement. But as you can tell this kid doesn't suffer from a lack of smiles. Liam is one of the strongest and resilient individuals to ever grace this earth and his determination coincides with our goals. To take what we have, be creative, and find every way possible to make the best out of every situation. 

For more information on AHDS and how you can help CLICK HERE

Tropical Leaves

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